How can I find a property to rent?

All of our properties are listed on our website. Go there first. Make a list of the properties you are interested in and drive by each one to be sure that you want to see it. Then send us an email with your name, phone number and several days and times that you would be available to see the interiors.

We must give current tenants at least 24 hours notice before we can show you their home. Please be on time for your showing—if you are more than 10 minutes late you will have to reschedule.

What do I need to apply?

You and your future roommates need to bring us completed applications, along with a $35 application fee per person, and a government issued photo ID. You will need your full security deposit at lease signing.

Why are there two different applications and which one should I fill out?

Student and non-student are processed differently. Almost all full-time students should fill out the student application. If you are a student, but are financially independent and can provide proof that you have a full-time monthly income that is at least 3 times your monthly rent, fill out the non-student application. It will be processed with a full rental history, criminal background and credit check.

Can I hold a property for later?

Yes. We have a 48 hour hold policy. You can put $100 down on a specific property and we will hold it for 48 business hours to give you and your roommates time to complete paperwork and fees. If you choose not to sign a lease with us the $100 fee is not refundable.

Do you keep waiting lists for certain properties?


What is a lease guarantee?

Full-time students who do not meet the 3:1 rent to income requirement need to have a lease guarantor. The lease guarantee form will be provided to you when you sign your lease. The form needs to be signed by your parents and guarantees that they will be liable for your rent payments if you cannot pay. The form needs to be notarized or returned to us with a photocopy the guarantor’s driver’s license.

My parents won’t sign a lease guarantee … what do I do?

If your parents will not sign the guarantee form and you do not meet the income requirements you have a few options:

  • Pay a double security deposit
  • Pay your full lease term's rent up front. 

How long do leases run?

All our leases are 12 months or longer. We do not do 10 month leases or month to month.

What is the pet policy?

University City requires a pet deposit as well as pet rent. Deposits start at $300 for a cat and $400 for a dog, but vary based on the property and the animal. The deposit is refundable, provided there is no damage. We also charge a monthly pet rent:
$25/mo for the first cat, $10 for the second
$35/mo for the first dog, $20 for the second.
These fees may also vary by age and breed of the animal and the value of the property.

How much is the security deposit?

Your security deposit is equal to one month of rent. It is due at lease signing. Your lease is not considered valid or binding until the deposit is paid.

I still have other questions:
We prefer email as a contact method. Please send an email us with the address of the properties you are inquiring about in the subject line.


University City Property Management Phone Number 208.596.5542
Fax Number 866.897.0370
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